Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange is very similar to cataract surgery with a specific purpose of increasing a patient’s visual acuity and reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. It is not necessary to have cataracts in order for a refractive lens exchange to be performed.

Although most people think of LASIK surgery when discussing the most common form of  refractive surgery, not all patients are ideal candidates for LASIK because of pre-existing conditions or abnormal anatomy of the eye. In those cases, a refractive lens exchange may offer a preferred alternative. Also, as we age people have traditionally developed presbyopia (which makes it difficult to focus on near objects), which usually requires glasses in order to have clear reading vision. Presbyopia is a condition which is not correctable by laser vision correction surgery. Thankfully, RLE offers an option for helping patients that are not good LASIK candidates and  patients with presbyopia. Refractive lens exchange or RLE allows a patients an alternative to reading glasses and is capable of reducing or eliminating presbyopia by using an advanced multifocal intraocular lens.

Zeiter Eye Medical Group use the Alcon ReSTOR® as well as the Bausch & Lomb Crystalens™, to replace the eye’s natural lens during refractive lens exchange.

While LASIK concentrates on correcting the cornea, refractive lens exchange replaces the natural lens of your eye with an advanced multifocal or accommodating intraocular lens (IOL), allowing clear vision up close, far away, and in between. Additionally, patients undergoing the refractive lens exchange procedure will never have to worry about cataracts as they age, since the advanced refractive lens exchange lens will remain clear.

Refractive lens exchange works best for older patients who are hyperopic (farsighted) or myopic (nearsighted) and want to lessen their dependence on reading glasses. To find out if refractive lens exchange is right for you Zeiter Eye Medical Group for a FREE CONSULTATION.

The Refractive Lens Exchange Procedure

During the refractive lens exchange a small incision is made at the edge of the cornea. A special probe is inserted through the incision to gently break up and suction out the damaged lens. The intraocular lens implant is then inserted into place. The entire refractive lens exchange procedure is completed in less than 15 minutes, and the patient usually experiences a rapid recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Refractive Lens Exchange?

There are several advantages to the refractive lens exchange procedure, including:

  • Quick visual recovery
  • Permanent results without the use of a laser
  • Eliminates the need for future cataract surgery
  • Eliminates the dependence on glasses and contact lenses

If you want to learn more about the exciting opportunities refractive lens exchange has to offer, contact Zeiter Eye Medical Group for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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